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About Us

SimSim was founded by two university friends in Hong Kong who love to travel and explore the world. We realize staying connected with family, friends, and keeping abreast of current events/news on your mobile devices is an absolute must in this day and age when you're away.  Like ourselves, we understand many people live very hectic and busy lives, juggling multiple priorities at the same time and find it difficult to plan ahead before they travel. The problem and difficulty is searching for the best means to stay connected- economically, efficiently and conveniently while traveling.  It needs to make sense. We get it, and we want to solve this problem for you! 

Our mission is to bring everyone convenient and cost efficient data solutions for mobile devices while traveling. We want to help you stay connected, wherever you go. Our vision is to continually adapt and understand everyone's needs in this ever-changing global and mobile environment. 

Safe and happy travels everyone!

Security and Confidence

We have partnered with secure payment systems from Paypal and Stripe, ensuring that your orders are made securely and safely – providing encrypted channels to keep your information protected. As well as being hosted by Shopify, our E commerce platform, our website and partners offer secure HTTPs checkout and PCI compliance so that you can browse and shop without worry.

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